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  • March 11 , 2015 Auto Power-on & Shut-down 2.83 is released.
    + Supports auto log in Windows with the specified domain.

  • March 14 , 2014 Lifsoft ShowDesktop 1.00 is released.
    Get back your XP "Show Desktop" on Win7 and Win8/8.1. Just unzip the ShowDesktop.exe to your local disk and then launch it, it will be pinned on the taskbar as pinned on the Quick Launch bar (Windows XP).

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  • March 12 , 2014 Auto Power-on & Shut-down 2.82 is released.
    + Compatible with windows 8.1.

  • Sep 13 , 2013 Editor's review “Auto Poweron & Shutdown - a comprehensive PC power management and task automation solution” by 3d2f.com.
    Modern computers feature advanced power management capabilities that make it possible to create and execute fairly complex power on and shutdown scenarios. However, proper utilization of these features requires corresponding software that isn’t easy to find. If your company uses a lot of computers and is looking for a way to reduce electricity bills, it might be a good idea to try Auto Poweron & Shutdown! More Click here...

  • June 26 , 2013 Auto Power-on & Shut-down 2.81 is released.
    - Fixed the hint error of tray icon.

  • March 4 , 2013 Auto Power-on & Shut-down 2.80 is released.
    + Compatible with windows 8.

  • Sep 21, 2012 Auto Power-on & Shut-down 2.70 is released.
    + Added the feature to clear up the Recycle Bin and IE temporary file folder etc..
    + Added the feature to back up one folder to other folder, supports such as the folder of Google Drive, Dropbox, Skydrive, Cloud Drive, Box etc..

  • Apr 04, 2012 Auto Power-on & Shut-down 2.60 is released.
    * Rebuild the core code to improve the efficiency.
    + Strengthen the self-checking function to prevent missing task.
    - Fixed the service "Can not open file" error.
    - Fixed some knowed little bugs.

  • July 12, 2011 Auto Power-on & Shut-down 2.50 is released.
    - Fixed some knowed little bugs.

  • May 15 , 2010 Auto Power-on & Shut-down listed on Software Informer .
    Click here...

  • January 08 , 2010 Auto Power-on & Shut-down 2.40 is released.
    + Added the feature to update schedule from a http server.
    + The software interface language added support for Portuguese, Danish and Korean.
    - Fixed some knowed little bugs.

  • July 24 , 2009 Auto Power-on & Shut-down 2.30 is released.
    + Compatible with windows 7.
    * Rewrote the main code to improve the efficiency.

  • July 18 , 2008 Auto Power-on & Shut-down 2.20 is released.
    + Added the checkbox to activate the hot panel for Quick Launch tools on the system tray icon.
    - Fixed the "No-Disk" error bug.
    - Fixed the other knowed little bugs.

  • Jun 18 , 2008 Editor's review “Auto Power-on & Shut-down - flexible work schedule for your computer” by 3d2f.com.
    Not only is Auto Power-on & Shut-down a program that can be extremely useful, but it’s also a lot of fun to explore and play with! Just imagine coming to your office to find all of your tools and applications started and waiting for you, all spam messages eliminated and... no, unfortunately, Auto Power-on & Shut-down does not make coffee! But it’s a Jack-of-all-trades in everything else.. Click here...

  • Apr 18 , 2008 added the feature to get back your code on our website.
    The online system will help you to get back your registration information immediately and automatically. Click here...

  • Apr 16 , 2008 Editor's review “Enciende, apaga y vuelve a encender el PC a tu antojo” by softonic.
    Ya no necesitas encender tu ordenador a mano nunca más. Este programa lo "despertará" a la fecha y hora que le digas. De igual modo, se puede especificar que ejecute una serie de tareas una vez llegada la ocasión. Por ejemplo, abrir un archivo, ejecutar o cerrar programas, mostrar mensajes o reproducir sonidos. También permite hacer lo inverso, es decir, programar el sistema para que se apague automáticamente a una hora específica.. Click here...

  • Apr 13 , 2008 Editor's review by Free Downloads Center.
    This program is exclusively engineered to be proficient in handling the control over your system to resume or wakeup from power off or sleep mode. With the efficient tool one can automate tasks like; resume your system from power off state, wake up from sleep mode, automate shutdown, play back a keyboard or mouse macro, play mp3, wma, wav and flash at time specified by user, logs on your system automatically, easy and quick installation, simple interface, and synchronizes your systems clock with the time of atomic clock servers. Allowing you to perform other features like; run programs, close programs, open files and open URL at any specified time this tool stands out of the crowd. Click here...

  • Mar 27 , 2008 Auto Power-on & Shut-down 2.10 is released.
    + Added the feature to run as a Windows service for XP.
    + Added the feature for user can disable or re-enable each scheduled task in the tasks list.
    + Added the hot panel for Quick Launch tools on the system tray icon.

  • Sep 03 , 2007 Auto Power-on & Shut-down 2.05 is released.
    + Added the feature for keyboard/mouse macro.
    + Added the feature to import or export the tasks list.
    - Fixed the atomic clock date off bug.

  • Aug 2 , 2007 Lifsoft PC Zeitschaltuhr (German version) recommended by Rubriken stern.de.
    PC, mach du das mal!
    Die "Lifsoft PC Zeitschaltuhr" macht aus dem eigenen Computer einen schlauen Roboter, der alle wichtigen Arbeiten ganz von alleine erledigt. Wichtige Daten-Backups, notwendige Virenscans und andere Aufträge führt der PC ab sofort in Eigenregie aus. mehr...

  • Jul 10 , 2007 Auto Power-on & Shut-down 2.04 is released.
    + Supports for Multi-language.
    + Added the feature for countdown time reminder.
    - Fixed some knowed little bugs.
    * Some Human-Based improvement.

  • Mar 04 , 2007 Auto Power-on & Shut-down 2.03 is released.
    + Supports for Windows Vista.
    - Fixed some knowed little bugs.

  • Aug 07 , 2006 Auto Power-on & Shut-down 2.02 is released.
    - Fixed the bug that it go into hibernation immediately when the computer powered on under some exceptive state.

  • Jul 30 , 2006 Auto Power-on & Shut-down 2.01 is released.
    + Added the feature for show the hints of last event and upcoming event on the tray icon.
    + Added the feature for restore the interface from minimized state if the user run it twice.
    - Fixed the "PCAutoPowerOnService terminated unexpectedly" bug.(Thanks for Ari M. Orlinsky, Alex - UK)
    - Fixed the bug that crash when running by a limited account user.
    - Fixed some other little bugs.
    * Improved for the specified task items on the create/edit interface.

  • Jun 09 , 2006 Auto Power-on & Shut-down received SoftPedia's "Editor's Review Very Good" ratings:

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  • Feb 10 , 2006 Auto Power-on & Shut-down 2.00 is released.
    Major upgrades.

  • Nov 17 , 2005 Auto Power-on & Shut-down 1.54 is released.

  • Sep 26 , 2005 Auto Power-on & Shut-down 1.53 is released.

  • Aug 03 , 2005 Auto Power-on & Shut-down 1.52 is released.

  • Jul 25 , 2005 Auto Power-on & Shut-down 1.51 is released.

  • Jul 11 , 2005 Auto Power-on & Shut-down 1.50 is released.

  • Jun 27 , 2005 Auto Power-on & Shut-down 1.49 is released.
    The new version uses less system resources.

  • Jun 3 , 2005 Auto Power-on & Shut-down 1.48 is released.

  • May 6 , 2005 Auto Power-on & Shut-down 1.47 is released.

  • Mar 31 , 2005 Auto Power-on & Shut-down 1.46 is released.

  • Feb 25 , 2005 Auto Power-on & Shut-down 1.45 is released.

  • Feb 7 , 2005 Auto Power-on & Shut-down 1.44 is released.