Getting started with PC AutoTimer

PC AutoTimer is the light-weight and easy-to-use application that allows you to wake up your computer resume from sleep so you can assign it to perform some scheduled tasks without having to keep it up and running for a long time.

It will help you schedule or customize hotkeys to initiate these repetitive actions such as shutting down, restarting, sleeping, opening programs, and operating the keyboard and mouse instead of a human, etc.

The use of this software is very simple and easy to learn, clear at a glance. The following is a quick tutorial.


Main interface

The features mainly include: Scheduled tasks, Hotkey actions, options.

There are several menus right-click will help you keep the task list concise and refreshing.


Task scheduler

After click the Add button on the main window, please fill in all properties you would like to set.


As shown in the figure, ticked the checkbox of "Wake up" both and ticked "Program/Shortcut". In the Select Program window, you should find the path of the Windows Media Player and import it. Finally, import your music file as the operating parameter and click OK to save this wake-up task for working days every week at 7:30:00.

After setting up, your computer will wake you up from the music in the morning even if it went to sleep last night.



Launch Shortcut

Example: On the Select Program window as the figure above, click the "Create lnk" button. Find the Sticky Notes in the applications list and right-click to create a shortcut.

On the message window click “Yes” to create the shortcut on the desktop, and then import this shortcut as a program to save. In this way, you will be able to quickly call the Windows 11 Sticky Notes app directly through scheduled task or hotkey.

BTW: The shortcut allows not only to point to an app but also to a folder.



Hotkey actions

For example: Create a new Show desktop task, specify the hot key as ALT+D, click the small button next to the Keyboard/Mouse Macro option, and click Record in the new window.

After confirming to start recording, move the mouse to the lower right corner of the Windows 7/10/11 desktop and click on it, then press F12 on the keyboard to finish the recording and save the macro script.

After saving the settings, you can quickly display the windows desktop at any time by pressing ALT+D.



Advanced options

There is a couple of advanced settings that you may find useful.

One of them which allows you to log into the system directly when the computer wake up, so as to play sounds and playback keyboard mouse actions, etc. Requires windows 7 and above.

Not only turn your computer into an interesting alarm clock, PC AutoTimer can also perform a lot of repetitive mechanical tasks, including let your computer wake up regularly to help you work remotely, as well as it can be used as a simple One Sentence Reminder to remind you to prepare birthday gifts for an important people in advance.

PC AutoTimer takes up very few system resources. It only needs about 3-4MB of memory when it is running in the foreground, and as low as about 1MB when it goes to the background. Usually, it is always quietly located in the corner, so you can hardly feel its existence and not be disturbed.